Peter Mercure

Vice President & Board Member

VP, Operations

Prior to Infinity, Mr. Mercure was the Founder and owner of Tiger Energy Services, a private multi-national wireline services company focused on high-temperature applications in oil/gas and geothermal energy development. In 2014, Tiger completed the strategic exit of its US interests to CJ energy Services. After continued international growth, Mr. Mercure sold the company’s international portfolio to National Petroleum Services (NPS Dubai) in 2017 while retaining all technology licenses and inventions. Prior to Tiger, Mercure held various upstream engineering and leadership positions with Atlantic Richfield, Unocal and Occidental Petroleum across a multitude of domestic and international producing assets. He is an expert in secondary recovery and oilfield water management. Mr. Mercure lends his extensive experience in upstream development and field operations to Infinity’s water recycling and reuse projects.

BSc Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University
MSc Petroleum Engineering, USC

Other Team Members

Chris Caudill

CEO & Chairman

Jordan Kramer

Vice President of BD & Board Member

Mike Dyson

Vice President of Legal & Board Member

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