Mike Dyson

Chief Executive Officer


With comprehensive experience in industrial infrastructure and land development, energy, (technology, residential and commercial real estate, private and public markets, and small- to mid-large cap enterprises, Mike’s vision leverages the past and present to properly forecast results. The growth model and knowledge Mike has incorporated into projects has propelled him to thought leader. Possessing a positive and technology-heavy vision for the land use industry, Mike ensures Infinity Water Solutions both minimizes environmental impact and maximizes profitability. Regardless of niche, his track record illustrates that whatever challenge he is faced with, he and his team will find a way to do it more efficiently, and faster.

Mike Dyson is accomplished in business, project development, negotiation, due diligence and acquisition strategy. With an educational background in law and business, Mike is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas, and is the Mayor of Rollingwood, TX. As mayor, Mike has spearheaded the city’s first comprehensive zoning and development plan to focus on strategic infrastructure projects along with healthy financial growth. Mike takes a serious interest in the health and development of his community and environment, while keeping an eye firmly on what’s to come. Being involved on the funding and founding sides and on several aspects in-between, Mike’s balance of having the foresight of pairing “what’s next” with the “here and now” provides tremendous value to Mako Strategies’ strategic growth.

Other Team Members

Peter Mercure

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Caudill

Chief Financial Officer

Jordan Kramer

Chief Commercial Officer

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