August 19, 2019

IWS Delivers ESG Solutions In Wastewater Recycling by Leveraging SitePro Technologies

ESG Solutions

AUSTIN, Texas and LUBBOCK, Texas, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Infinity Water Solutions, LLC (IWS), a private water management company based in Texas and New Mexico, along with SitePro, Inc., a digital technology company based in Texas, are pleased to announce a technical partnership underway beginning with the commissioning of IWS Federal 128, the inaugural IWS facility.

IWS has officially commissioned the first of many planned produced water recycling facilities. Located in the heart of the Northern Delaware Basin at Mile Marker 15 on Jal Hwy (NM Hwy 128), IWS Federal 128 will serve as a key disposal solution for produced and flowback volumes while also providing a reliable resource for the long-term water sourcing needs of the regional completion market. The IWS solution centers on the management of produced oilfield water through recycling and reuse. Effective water disposal and supply have become a hindrance to operator profitability and efficiency. Limited solutions exist in the water management market, and IWS presents an economic, efficient, and reliable solution for improving operator returns.

"Given internal and external, industry-wide pressures to focus on lowering operating expenses while adopting ESG initiatives, the industry finds itself in an increasingly difficult position. With that in mind, IWS was formed in 2019 to alleviate the pressure of operators' most daunting LOE line item - water. By providing a market-based, closed-loop water system, we are also doing our part to move the industry forward along an innovative, environmentally friendly path" says IWS President, Chris Caudill. "Through proprietary processes and technology, as well as partnerships with other innovative service providers, IWS has positioned itself to be a valuable ally to operators in the Permian."

IWS is also excited to announce its first technical partnership with SitePro, which puts IWS on the cutting edge of the industry's digital transformation to more intelligent IoT technology platforms. SitePro's suite of services enables a small business like IWS to leverage technology as a means to higher quality and more competitive services, thereby allowing IWS to compete with larger peers in the midstream and services sectors. SitePro's technology platform delivers increased automation and remote monitoring options that provide a host of cost saving efficiencies, which enables companies to provide more cost-effective solutions to their clients.

SitePro, Inc., a digital fluid management solutions provider, develops real-time monitoring and control cloud-based software designed to optimize the management of the full fluid life cycle. Specific to energy, the company offers services for producers, disposal and recycling facilities, water midstream infrastructure, and water sourcing companies.

For disposal and recycling facilities SitePro offers services that provide total asset management capabilities, merging remote control, monitoring and automation with electronic ticketing and invoicing. The company helps operators partially or completely eliminate the need for "routine" field personnel via its managed services solution. SitePro's turnkey automation and software products cover every aspect of an SWD, recycling facility or network of facilities, including  flow measurement, surveillance, tank level monitoring, fluid conditioning, pipeline volume allocation, wellhead monitoring, cloud-based reports and regulatory reporting, advanced analytics, electronic ticketing, and access control.

"The technical partnership between IWS and SitePro is a key example of the oilfield community coming together to responsibly improve efficiencies and advance the goals of all stakeholders. With the oil and gas industry at an inflection point due to the unprecedented market challenges, a concerted effort by the industry to embrace the "digital revolution" will lead to positive value creation and increased awareness of the industry's deliberate shift to economic ESG initiatives like IWS' core business of water recycling and SitePro's core suite of fluid management software products ," says SitePro Chairman and Co-CEO, David Bateman.

About Infinity Water Solutions, LLC
Infinity Water Solutions, LLC is a privately held services and midstream management company headquartered in Austin, Texas.  IWS is an upstream water management company focused on recycling produced water for reuse in well drilling and completion operations.  IWS is an upstream water management company focused on recycling produced water for reuse in well drilling and completion operations. IWS solutions de-bottleneck water management to increase operator efficiency, reduce operational costs and increase water availability. The IWS team is made of seasoned energy executives and operational managers supplying an unmistakable edge for clients in top tier services and products to create better operator efficiency and best in class well results.

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About SitePro, Inc.
SitePro is an innovative technology company focused on delivering digital transformation solutions to the upstream oil and gas, water municipality, and agricultural markets. Since launching as a service product in 2012, SitePro has become one of the fastest growing technology solutions and services providers in the nation, offering an operational and business advantage to fluid infrastructure operators, helping them save time and money while increasing their commitment to safe operations and responsible environmental stewardship. SitePro's platform was initially built for the energy industry by a team of oil and gas professionals who understand the work that goes into fueling the global economy. The SitePro team consists of highly knowledgeable industry professionals from engineering, computer science, field service and business backgrounds giving us the distinct advantage of delivering the market a premier mission-critical operational platform through our dynamic suite of products and services.

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