Supply Volumes

Lower Cost

Recycling Focus

Infinity Water Solutions provides wastewater recycling services to the oilfield. Water produced from oil and gas development is an asset that contains substantial value for reuse. Freshwater supplies are in high demand which creates scarcity which drives costs higher. The IWS facilities provide reliable treatment of produced water while returning operational agility and economic benefit to our customers. Recycling water resources achieves a sustainable and lower cost water management solution.

IWS Design

The design basis for the IWS system centers on mechanical separation and dwell time to minimize chemical additive requirements in achieving a quality reusable water product. Our solutions aim at minimizing installation footprint while maximizing cost savings. We achieve these goals through proprietary designs developed by our team of water management veterans. Water can be delivered via truck hauling or through permanent or temporary pipelines.

Mobile Facilities

Our mobile treatment facilities have been designed as on-site treatment solution for oilfield operators seeking to lower lease operating expenses related to water management and increasing revenue through skim oil retention. The mobile facilities are easily transported and can be arranged to process from 5000 barrels per day up to 30,000 barrels per day. Treated water is stored onsite in preparation for reuse in planned well operations. Once the objective volumes have been met, the facility can be demobilized to another location for batch well completions.

Permanent Facilities

Our permanent facility design leverages the same ingenuity as our mobile facilities but are designed for higher volume through puts. Permanent facilities also increase the total reuse water storage capability from 1 to 2 million barrels depending on application. Daily wastewater production processing and treatment is designed for 100,000 barrels per day.